The cost of giftmap is about the same as just one mid-sized funding opportunity, regardless of the number of users and how often they use it, for the duration of your campaign.

I really do believe that it was with giftmap’s help that I was able to raise the sights of one of our orthopedic groups to increase their gift from his original plan. . . I brought my laptop with me to his office. . . and he was sold as soon as he saw it! Which was the key: he “saw” it. . . I am so thrilled to have giftmap!”

Linda Hill
Senior Director of Development
Princeton HealthCare System Foundation

Replace wasteful activities with consolidated productivity

The tool is designed to replace current operating and sales expenses, while making work easier and more productive.

Decrease the cost of operations

Overhead clerical and printing expenses will decrease. Anywhere you have access to the internet, you will be able to custom tailor presentations in MS Word or PDF formats in just minutes.

Build new momentum in your front-line fundraising efforts

Officers will increase productivity, spending more time with potential donors and less time preparing presentations. Success is documented and published instantly and automatically.

Become consistent and confident in your data

Opportunity pricing will become consistent throughout your organization, so you can see and capitalize on donor trends and preferences.

Increase the potential of your campaign

The clarity and organization of giftmap will enable you to identify and document new gift opportunities, increasing the gross potential of your campaign.

Maximize your investment in marketing and promotional materials

You will leverage existing marketing materials in novel ways to get even more from your current Marketing and Development budget.