Automatic synchronization of database information and graphic mapping

giftmap’s unique code allows you to work graphically on a floor plan while it automatically updates listed data with your additions and revisions.

You won’t have to engage designers or architects to create and update your graphic records. As you work within lists and reports, giftmap automatically synchronizes maps and plans that you can print as often as you like, at no cost!

Custom tailored digital and printed donor proposals in minutes

About 90 seconds after you start thinking about the opportunities that might best align with your donor’s interest and capacity to give, you can create a perfectly tailored and print-ready proposal.

Map and list your recognition inventory with rapid-photo tools

Your volunteers and interns can execute your grand recognition inventory at no cost!

As you encounter a legacy recognition asset on your campus, use your iPad or tablet to place a dot on your location in giftmap’s plan view. The program prompts you to enter a quick note or two and the take a photo of the asset. In just a couple of intuitive steps, you’ve created an inventory ID for the piece including it’s location, a description and up to three photos and captions.

generate benchmarked reports or download spreadsheet with precisely the date you need

giftmap provides many one-click reports that are branded and preconfigured for executive viewing. Select all or part of the data related to the report and be confident that the printed output is live and correct.

Search functions also allow you to configure the information exactly as you need it. Generate an accurate spreadsheet or PDF in seconds, then take advantage of the layout, filtering and sorting tools you already know how to use!

Print maps with live, accurate information in one click

Select the campus, building and floor of interest, and in one button click you can output a plan that you can print on your desktop or in 24” X 36” architectural format. . . as often as you need to, at no additional cost.

The printed information will be accurate to the minute that you click the button. Any changes, even those made in the seconds prior to your action, will be included graphically on the map or plan.

Create and refine promotional content for one or all funding opportunities

In giftmap, it’s easy to add and edit promotional content for every opportunity,
all at once or one at a time.

The templated edit tool is easy to use; just cut and paste captions and descriptive text, or type the copy directly in giftmap. Browse for architectural renderings, photos and hyperlinks to videos and other on-line content and embed them in a single click.