Campaign Fundraising Success

A Giftmap Case Study: The University of Oklahoma

PDG's Giftmap, naming opportunities and mapping tool for fundraisers.

Achieving Fundraising Success

Naming opportunities are a great way to energize your donor family around funding priorities that match their interests. Yet, when it comes to campaign fundraising, they are one of the most often overlooked factors in achieving success.

So, what do you do when you have more than 3000 naming opportunities to catalog, spread out over three different campuses and 45 different areas of interest? It seems daunting, even if you have a dedicated internal team eager to take on the project.

This was the challenge facing Vice President and Chief Advancement Officer Amy Noah and Campaign Services Coordinator Navid Shafaie-Ardakani at the University of Oklahoma Foundation. From the outset, their goal was to identify and catalog all of their existing donor recognition and place a value on all of their available naming opportunities from their Norman, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa campuses. The University was preparing to launch Lead On, OU's Campaign for the Future. The goal for Lead On was to raise $2 billion, a transformative achievement that would pick up on the legacy of OU’s previous generations of leaders and dreamers and carry it into the future.

“We are in the midst of our Lead On campaign. Our goal is to raise $2 billion to create the OU of the future. Giftmap has been instrumental in helping us realize the full potential of our campaign by allowing our team to identify, promote, and manage new gift opportunities. We now know the real-time status of every opportunity in our campaign and have accurate records of past giving."

– Amy Noah, Vice President and Chief Advancement Officer, University of Oklahoma Foundation

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Learn more about how Giftmap helped the University of Oklahoma’s Lead On campaign realize its full fundraising potential.

Giftmap, Presentation Design Group’s data and mapping tool was designed specifically with fundraisers in mind. As the donor recognition industry became more modernized, PDG recognized a need for a dynamic tool to enhance fundraising efforts and manage and promote donor-named spaces and available naming opportunities across campuses, buildings, and exterior spaces. Now, Giftmap manages over 100,000 naming opportunities valued at over $32 billion.

It is not uncommon for our clients to come to us with inventories that are incomplete, outdated, or simply nonexistent. As with many of our clients, our conversations with the University of Oklahoma began with the purpose of helping them catalog existing donor recognition spread out over multiple campuses. They needed a better handle on what recognition existed at their different locations, what spaces were available to be named, and how best to value those new opportunities.

Many of our clients are working on comprehensive campaigns that range from millions to billions of dollars. They struggle to manage and promote hundreds to thousands of naming opportunities at scale. Giftmap is a powerful tool for fundraising teams. Almost everyone in your organization will discover a way that Giftmap will make their work easier and more effective than they thought possible.


  • Giftmap creates one central point of truth for all naming opportunities.
  • Your entire team has visibility of what opportunities are available.
  • Access turn-key executive-level reporting in seconds and see a high-level overview of how campaigns are progressing.
  • Bring your entire team together to focus on available naming opportunities and identify donors with previously named spaces on your campuses.

Foundation Admins:

  • Access one-button management reports showing the current activities of your gift officers and the status of every opportunity in your campaign.
  • A single list of opportunities is always up to date and constantly visible to everyone on your team.
  • New opportunities and status changes are recorded in real time, meaning multiple users can never double-promise an opportunity.

Gift Officers:

  • Create perfectly tailored presentations in minutes. Spend less time in the office compiling proposals and more time in front of potential donors.
  • Help potential donors see the impact of their gifts. Walk them through the virtual environment using easy-to-understand maps and pictures.

Using Giftmap to manage donor-named spaces and promote naming opportunities can enhance your fundraising efforts. With Giftmap, you can raise funds more quickly, strengthen donor relationships, and create lasting legacies.

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