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10 Reasons Why Your Peers are Using Giftmap in Their Fundraising Toolbox.

Laptop on wood table with Presentation Design Group's dynamic data and mapping tool, Giftmap on the screen.

Imagine having the ability to create a dynamic inventory of your naming opportunities and recognition elements, while simultaneously giving your Gift Officers the power to prepare perfectly tailored presentations in minutes using their laptop or tablet.

Professional empathy for the complex responsibilities of your fundraising team inspired Presentation Design Group to create Giftmap, a dynamic data and mapping tool to help you plan and manage funding opportunities and recognition inventories across the campuses, buildings and floors of your organization.

Let’s explore how almost everyone on your team will discover a way that Giftmap will make their work easier and more effective than they thought possible.

10 Reasons Why Your Peers Are Using Giftmap In Their Fundraising Toolbox

1. Finally, Foundation Admins will have a “clean slate” from which to start! All your naming opportunities and recognition components will be graphically represented and accessible anywhere the user can access the internet.

A view of Giftmap, PDG's dynamic data and mapping tool, on a desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

2. The single list of opportunities is always up to date and constantly visible to everyone on your team, and new opportunities and status changes are recorded in real time which means you’ll never double-promise an opportunity.

3. During new capital projects, before shovels are in the ground, share a comprehensive list of naming opportunities using architectural renderings and floor plans.

Infographic showing number and value of opportunities managed by PDG's Giftmap program.

4. Gift Officers can create perfectly tailored, inspirational presentations in minutes using their laptops or tablets — anywhere! They’ll spend less time in the office compiling proposals and more time in front of potential donors.

5. Walk potential donors through the virtual environment using easy-to-understand maps and pictures — help them see the impact of their gift.

“I really do believe that it was with Giftmap’s help I was able to raise the sights of one of our orthopedic groups to increase their gift from their original plan... I brought my laptop with me to his office...and he was sold as soon as he saw it! Which was the key: he “saw” it... I am so thrilled to have Giftmap!”

– Linda, Senior Director of Development
Princeton HealthCare System Foundation

6. Track programmatic support as easily as named spaces.

7. See your comprehensive inventory of signs, plaques and environmental graphics in real time.

8. Opportunity pricing will become consistent throughout your organization, so you can see and capitalize on donor trends and preferences.

9. Document installed recognition locations – Record the actual mounted position of every sign and plaque across the campuses, buildings and exterior spaces of your organization using PDG’s free mobile app, Giftmap Acorn.

Mobile device showing PDG's mobile app Giftmap Acorn recording a named space plaque.

10. Foundation Admins can generate one-button reports showing the current status of a building, area of interest or Gift Officer for every opportunity across your organization.

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