An overview of a powerful new tool

giftmap was developed in 2010 by Presentation Design Group (PDG), 32-year veterans in the field of donor recognition displays and exhibits for hospitals, universities, museums, and corporations.

As a dedicated group of designers, programmers, artists, and craftsmen, we invented giftmap to improve our operation, but in the process we created a program that is an indispensable asset for our clients and a quantum leap for the fundraising community.


There is no limit to the number of non-administrative users who can access giftmap. Users log in with a user name and password. giftmap remembers who they are and the permission level the Administrator has given each of them. They will be able to see and change only the things they need with confidence that the information is accurate to the minute, and that they can’t break it.

How it works

giftmap is a limited-access website template. That means that it’s very easy to bookmark on your laptop or place as an application icon on your tablet or smart phone. Limited-access means that a user is only allowed to enter via an administered user name and unique password.

Permitted users can access giftmap anywhere they have reasonable internet connection through any mainstream browser. Administrators are automatically notified via e-mail whenever a user makes a permitted change as they work within giftmap.

For Donors

The more accurately you can express to a donor prospect how their gift will be applied to what is meaningful to them, the more likely are your chances of securing the gift – and a larger gift than you expected.

giftmap gives you many ways to share funding opportunities with your donors. In just 90 seconds, you can find the opportunities that will be most aligned with your donor’s area of interest, and with their capacity to give.

For Front-line Fundraisers

Give tours using your tablet to strategically guide donors and present promotional
materials at just the right time.

Quickly locate legacy recognition plaques when a donor family wants to visit your campus

Create branded on-screen presentations and printed proposals in just minutes.

For Donor Relations and stewardship specialists


Finally, one place where you can organize and document all the information you’ve been keeping in multiple spreadsheets, highlighted maps and inconsistent presentations. As you work on the list, the graphic map and promotional materials automatically align with your revisions.
As you add and edit graphic information, the list is instantly updated.

You’ll receive an e-mail just 19 seconds after any user enacts a permitted change in your system and be confident that your information is always accurate.

for development executives

giftmap allows your team to work in one intuitive system, with accurate information always at their fingertips. Everyone will become energized when all the barriers between them and the information they need are eliminated.

You can identify and adjust quickly to changes in the interest and capacity of your constituents, inventing and expanding funding opportunities custom-tailored to maximize the potential of each ask.

For others who work with you

Because giftmap automatically synchronizes graphic information and list- based data, many other assets can be inventoried and managed. Art selection and placement, way finding sign programs. . . giftmap can help you manage any communication system within your organization, across floors, buildings and campuses.