This fee covers the set up of your protected URL, portal branding, and embedding of all your maps, plans, funding opportunities. The cost is commensurate with the initial scope of our work together, and you can choose to add new initiatives, buildings, and campuses at any time.


Your annual license fee provides you with an unlimited number of users at non-administrative permission levels.  One flat fee will cover your entire enterprise and up to 3 administrators, regardless of how many campuses, buildings, and initiatives you choose to add to your giftmap.


Should you need more than three administrators for your site, you can secure additional seats as you require them.


It’s easy for you to build your graphic inventories within giftmap, but you may choose to engage us to do it for you.  As we work on your campus and document what we find, we often identify funding opportunities you may have missed.  The data we maintain gives us unique expertise and access to relevant benchmarking for what can be funded and named in your organization and how your peers value similar opportunities.


You’ll have access (at no additional cost) to technical support and practical answers that will help your processes become more precise and your work become more manageable.


Is there a limit to the number of users?

Nope! We only limit the number of administrators to 3.

How do our floor plans make their way into giftmap?

Our in-house CAD specialists take your floor plans in their original format and remove all the extraneous layers, providing uncluttered, easy-to-read maps that are optimized to load quickly in giftmap.

Can this connect to my CRM?

Yes!  Giftmap and your CRM speak the same language and through an export/import process, your donor lists are always up to date.

Can giftmap track other things like programmatic support, endowments, or art?

Yes, there are ways to track almost anything in the program. There is even a unique icon for art!

Can we take an inventory audit ourselves?

Of course!  We’ve made the tool we use, giftmap acorn, free on the Apple app store.  Giftmap acorn has all the necessary fields that will populate your giftmap site.  We’d be happy to give you a short training before you begin.

How customizable is giftmap?

We brand everything to your institution’s colors and standards, but there are many more customizable features to giftmap. For example, we allow many user-defined fields, custom presentations, and the ability to manipulate all text and photos.