For decades, Presentation Design Group (PDG) has applied its artistry and passion to the mission of philanthropy, creating architectural and interactive recognition displays and plaques.  We design intentionally to strengthen your donor family and move others to support your important work.

Professional empathy for your complex responsibility inspired us to create giftmap, a dynamic data and mapping tool to help you plan and manage funding opportunities and recognition inventories across the campuses, buildings and floors of your organization.


Justin Burt-Admire
Director of Giftmap Operations

Justin works directly with our clients to establish and build new Giftmap websites, as well as provides ongoing technical and consultative support for Giftmap clients post-launch. In addition, he continuously works with our team of software developers to make enhancements to the program.

Dave Gaspar
Director of Business Development & Marketing

Dave leads our business development & marketing teams from our Chicago office. He and his team help you explore ways to address the challenges of managing donor-named spaces, by sharing best practices and solutions that help you make the most of your naming opportunities at scale.

Shanny Wilcox
Giftmap Project Manager

Shanny takes pride in the work of setting up and managing Giftmap sites for so many incredible clients who are dedicated to the noble pursuits of advancing the fields of health care and education. She joined PDG in 2015.

Tara Druffel
GiftMap Project Specialist and Client Liaison

Tara’s expertise of the Giftmap application and appreciation for its unique ability to both support the fundraising work of our clients and track all recognition within an organization enable her to efficiently guide clients through the establishment and best use of their sites. Tara enjoys collaborating with our clients as she manages and conducts on-site audits for Giftmap. She also works with the rest of our team on Giftmap site set-up and support.


PDG designs, manufactures and installs architectural and digital-interactive donor recognition displays, history exhibits and way finding signage.   Our work will strengthen your donor family and inspire others to give.  Visit the PDG site to learn more.